Why vicuña wool is the most expensive in the world

Vicuñas are amazing rare animals that live in the wild on the Andes. They are considered relatives of llamas and alpacas and belong to the American humpback camels.

Extreme climate change in the highlands of the Andes has made vicuña wool the softest and most exquisite in the world. It is popular for its warmth and, at the same time, thinner than any other wool in the world, its diameter is 12 micrometers.

Vicuña wool is so expensive, because vicuñas produce a small amount of it – only about 0.5 kg per year. The animal can be clipped every three years, and it must be caught in the wild. Collecting wool requires a certain process and skills. This operation must be very delicate, because the animal is very vulnerable, and if scared, it can die of a heart attack.

Prices for vicuña wool can range from $ 1,800 to $ 3,000, and are used to make clothing (suits, coats, sweaters, accessories, shawls and socks) and household goods (blankets and capes).

(Prepared from the Internet)

According to legend, vicuña is the reincarnation of a beautiful young virgin. She received a pure gold fur coat from the king, so it was considered illegal to wear her wool to anyone but members of the Inca royal family.