Tibetan beads

Most Tibetan beads are actually made in Nepal by craftsmen, many of whom are refugees or descendants of refugees who left Tibet during the Chinese invasion in the 1950s.

Turquoise and coral are the main natural materials from which traditional beads are made.Tibetan turquoise has been in great demand by the people of Nepal and Tibet for thousands of years due to its magical properties and beauty.

According to legend, turquoise is a celestial stone brought to earth from above, and, being recognized as the most precious stone among the people of Tibet, is considered an important religious symbol.

Tibetan turquoise necklaces are valued for their special spiritual power that fills the wearer of jewelry while wearing them.

Coral has been a valuable material in Tibet and the Himalayas for centuries. In fact, most Tibetans still believe that natural red coral is more valuable than gold – in Tibet, the most expensive bead can cost up to $ 200 per gram. Beads from salmon to dark red are always the most valuable. The shape is also important – round is more valuable for collecting, because they can be easily strung in the form of prayer rosaries or used in compositions for weaving necklaces, creating gold and silver jewelry, decorative hair accessories or hats.

Tibetans love the combination of turquoise and red coral, because they believe that these are opposite color spectra, the interweaving of which improves everyone’s life and improves their emotional well-being, brings her peace, combined with the harmony of the universe.

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