Post-release. 25th International Exhibition “Crafts. Business & Hobby”,
December 10-12, 2021

From December 10 to 12, 2021 on the territory of the IEC (Kyiv, Brovarsky Ave., 15, pavilion G4-B) were held international trade show “Craft. Business & Hobby” and International show of the author’s doll and Teddy “Modna lyalka”.

The events were attended by well-known permanent, as well as new masters, artists, designers, companies, shops, creative studios and teams.

The main sector of the exhibition Hobby Market presented stands of well-known companies and shops: TM Lyudmila, Dekupaginka, TM Alexandra Tokareva, Little Owl, Tvorchi Tkanyny, Skrynia Maistryni, Staplel', etc., where visitors offered to purchase a variety of materials needed for the creative process of many areas of needlework.

For the first time, HM Furnitura, Paper Eco World and BOT-UA took part in the exhibition. At the HM Furnitura stand, everyone was offered a large selection of different accessories for the implementation of creative ideas. Paper Eco World, a Ukrainian manufacturer of ecological paper products from recycled materials, acquainted with its products, and BOT-UA – with laser equipment.

Also, for the first time, Seller-Online and SkladUSA took part in the exhibition, which introduced visitors to the ways of sending goods around the world and the services of their own warehouses. Speaker Kateryna Voilova from Seller-Online gave a lecture on the main stage “Preparation for the High Season 2021”. SkladUSA, represented by Olga Ladan, held a master class “How to choose the best type of delivery abroad.”

Traditionally, the information business partner of the Association of Manufacturers and Importers of Advertising Souvenirs of Ukraine AVIRSU held a practical business seminar “How global and local trends in the creative industries affect individual creativity and business. Merch for cultural and educational institutions. How to get a million for internal projects?” The seminar was conducted by Natalia Voloshina, Executive Director of AVIRSU, Trend Hunter, Contributor.

The Ambassador of the exhibition Lyudmila Andreeva gave the speech from the series of lectures on patchwork “Patchwork. Unusual robes of Buddhist monks” about capes bag. The speaker introduced the visitors to the ancient culture and told about the peculiarities of this type of needlework

In the areas of Fairy Beads, Felting, Art Textile, Related to Love, Patchwork and Art Handmade national masters and designers presented the author’s collections of jewelry, clothing, footwear and accessories made in a variety of techniques and styles and for every taste.

The finals of creative competitions took place at the exhibition.

Traditional children’s art contest “Fairy beads. 4 Elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire” for young masters from 9 to 16 years gathered 54 participants who presented 65 works. The winners of the nominations were Victoria Hrushka, Arina Levchenko, Polina Zhebko, Kristina Chaplya, Kristina Chaplya, Elizaveta Chistoeva, Angelina Laletina, Angelina Ivanyushina, Sofia Suprunenko and Diana Mikhaleva. Prizes were awarded to the winners by the permanent sponsor of the contest TM “Charivna Mit”.

The winner of the contest “My favorite quilt”, which featured paintings and panels in the technique of flowers, was Bobrova Victoria. And Svitlana Litvinchuk won the “One Dress Contest”, who presented a dress made in the felting technique at the competition and received a prize from the sponsor of the “Anje” yarn store contest.

Various speeches and presentations and parades were held on the main stage.

At the grand opening of the exhibitions there was a theatrical steampunk fashion show from the creative team of models 60+ “Stylish Butterflies”. Also presented were performances of “Mace and Fifa” and “Hippie” by the health and dance group “Taiji Ballet” (artistic director, director Boris Zhusov, costume designer Anna Ivanchuk); a performance by the Nakshatra National Theater of Indian Classical Dance and a performance by David Sureshwar (a solo performer of Indian classical dance in the Kuchipudi style).

Traditionally, young designers and models of the Children’s Fashion Association under the leadership of Iryna Yarmak presented their collections: Flight and Shadow collections by Nika Zinkovskaya, Melange collection by designers Alexandra Madera, Arina Pyatnikovskaya and Veronika Smolovik; "Unlimited Freedom" and "Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue" by Veronica Vuntesmeri.

On the main stage of the exhibition, visitors were shown clothing collections: a collection of dresses “Temporary Values” by designer Anna Khrulenko and a collection of jersey clothes “J_Style” by Kateryna Berlovska TM BerLOVska Fashion.

In the area of master classes a master class on embroidery for beginners was held by master Natalia Olefirenko, where participants were introduced to information about the basic materials and tools needed to start embroidering, and how to use them, what fabric is needed and how pick it up, how to transfer the pattern to the fabric. Each of the participants received their first set for embroidery.

Traditionally, the exhibitions focused on charity with the help of representatives and projects of the charity organization – Perlinka Orphanage, Charitable Organization Childhood Cancer Foundation “Crab”, Bantyky Animal Shelter.

Next XXVI exhibition-sale “Craft. Business & Hobby” and the XXIV show of Author’s Dolls and Teddy “Modna lyalka” will take place when peace comes to Ukraine.

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