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Dear colleagues and partners!

The company International Festival "Magic Beads" invites TV channels, online publications, radio stations, print media and similar events to information cooperation. Our joint work to promote creativity and hobbies is not only a significant contribution to the promotion and development of the needlework industry in Ukraine. This is a huge socially important mission: the formation of a culture of creative leisure in families and the value system of the younger generation. This includes the preservation of crafts, cultural values ​​and traditions.

Terms of cooperation with each partner are discussed individually.

If you are interested in providing information support to our projects, we are waiting for your suggestions.

+38 093 144-83-58 (Irina Dubchak, Deputy Organizer of the Exhibition)

+38 093 144-83-55 (Yuri Shumansky, organizer of the exhibition)

The benefits of the exhibitions-sale “Craft. Business & Hobby”

  1. Recognition of exhibitions at the national and international levels, which is confirmed by the participation of both permanent and new foreign participants, as well as visits by representatives of exhibitions of other relevant international events.
  2. Constant increase in the number of new participants who previously visited the exhibitions as visitors and guests.
  3. Compliance with modern trends in the world market of needlework and puppet industry, as well as ensuring the presentation of popular areas of creativity and hobbies during exhibitions.
  4. Permanent premieres of thematic art projects, which represent the works of creative communities of famous masters and artists of national and international levels.
  5. A rich business program, prepared taking into account the latest global business trends for the development of small and medium-sized businesses with the participation of speakers from leading specialized companies and associations.
  6. Constant growth in the number of visitors and guests from all regions of Ukraine.
  7. Systematic surveys of participants and visitors of exhibitions for further statistical analysis of compliance of exhibitions with the required standards and improvement of further organization.