Thank you to our friends for their support


We founded our exhibition in 2010 and for many years we have been learning and developing together with the community of masters of Ukraine, we also strive to enrich ourselves and all creative people with friendship and cooperation with communities of masters from different countries.

One such community is located in Japan.

The culture and customs of Japan are very interesting for us, the organizers of the exhibition and all the masters of Ukraine, exhibitors, visitors of the exhibition.

We are always happy to welcome guests from the USA and Japan in Kyiv, and this friendship began more than 10 years ago. Our acquaintance began with the support of our friends from the USA and we also maintain our warm relationship for many years @huib peterseh and feel help and empathy with us. We are very grateful to all of you.

Our friends from Japan and the USA each time covered a long way across half of the globe.

In this difficult time of testing, they are with us, sympathize with us and our entire country.

We are very pleased that you sincerely support us and help us.

It's like a family relationship.

Thank you!!!

We are confident that the war will remain in the past, we will heal the wounds, restore the country and continue our common creative activity, organize exhibitions and welcome you, our friends from Japan, the USA and many other countries with joy.

During the work of our exhibition in Kyiv, guests from 26 countries of the world participated and we will resume our good traditions.

Let's live, be friends, be creative.