Contest of designer products “Dream Handbag”
26th International Exhibition “Craft. Business & Hobby”


Contest of designer products “Dream Handbag” is an open competition of handmade designer designer products.

The works of the contestants will be presented in a separate exposition in the hall of the pavilion during the 26th International Exhibition “Crafts. Business & Hobby” (Kyiv, IEC, Brovarsky Ave., 15).

We recommend that you provide the necessary accessories: stands, mannequins, etc., as well as photos for examples of placement.

The organizer of the contest is the organizer of the exhibition “Crafts. Business & Hobby”.

Contest nomination

1. Nomination “Cross body bag” (must have a long shoulder strap, the size does not exceed the size of an A4 sheet).

2. Nomination “Shopper bag” (three-dimensional model, has an excellent capacity and is equipped with two handles).

3. Nomination “Clutch” (small flat bag for evening outings, the size does not exceed the size of an A4 sheet).

4. Nomination “Eco bag” (roomy shopping bag, size is not limited).

Variants of works of participants of the exhibition “Crafts. Business & Hobby” of different seasons for each nomination

for the nomination
“Cross body bag”

Yevhenia Maryniak
for the nomination
“Bag shopper”

Nataliia Mariash
for the nomination

Bag of the Ukrainian brand
(participant of the XXV exhibition
“Crafts. Business & Hobby”)

for the nomination
“Eco bag”

Requirements for works

The only evaluation criteria for all nominations are:

  • compliance of the work with the set parameters of the model;
  • practicality and wearability of the product;
  • creativity and originality of work;
  • use of complex execution techniques;
  • harmonious combination of colors and materials used.

The technique and type of materials are not limited.

Only works created in 2021-2022 that did not participate in other similar competitions are taken part.

Contest prizes

One participant will be selected separately in each nomination and special diplomas will be awarded with honors: “Fashionista”, “Madame Classic”, “Elegance”, “Stylish Bag”.

Only one winner in each nomination.

If there are less than 3 (three) works and participants in the nomination – the prize will not be awarded. The winner of the nomination will be determined by a qualified independent jury.

Prizes will be provided by the organizer of the exhibition (the list of prizes will be announced soon).

All participants will be awarded diplomas.

We invite Ukrainian manufacturers and companies to sponsor the contest and provide prizes to participants and winners.

Terms of participation

By submitting the application, the participant confirms that he has carefully read and agreed to the terms.

Each participant can submit several of their works in the nomination, paying for each registration fee.

Any designer can take part in the competition, regardless of the city of residence. Participation in the 26th International exhibition “Crafts. Business & Hobby” is not a prerequisite for participation in this competition.

Requirements for applications and photos of exhibits

Applications for participation in the contest and photos of works must be submitted no later than one week before the event by e-mail, in the subject of the letter indicate “Dream bag, name of the participant”. The application and photo of the exhibit must be attached to separate files.

A separate application is submitted for each work (see application form) with photos of the work.

During the exhibition (on the day of installation or on any other day) new works are not taken part.

The organizer accepts the information from the participants as reliable and is not responsible for errors in the applications of participants.

Each work must have a title.

The organizer has the right to disqualify in case of non-compliance with the terms of the contest without refunding the cost of participation.

By submitting the application, the author agrees to the condition that transfers the right to publish their work on the site, social networks, as well as printed resources of the organizer.

The cost of participation

Registration fee for participation in the contest – 400 UAH for one work in the nomination.

Payment of participation on the basis of the organizer’s account.

Participation fee no later than one week before the event.

Delivery of works

Entries must be delivered and exported by the author or proxy yourself.

Installation – on the eve of the exhibition from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Dismantling – the last day of the exhibition from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

It is possible to send works by Nova Poshta to the organizer no later than one week before the event by prior arrangement. After the exhibition, the organizers send the work to the author.

All postage for sending to the contest and return is borne by the participant.

The organizer reserves the right to make additions to the rules of participation in this competition.

Application for the contest “Dream Handbag”

  1. Author’s name *
  2. Author’s place of residence *
  3. Tel. Mob / Viber *
  4. E-mail*
  5. Instagram / Facebook *
  6. Job title *
  7. Nomination*
  8. Materials and equipment *
  9. Price, UAH ** (if the work is for sale)

* All fields are required.

** Specify the price taking into account 10% commission.

If the work is not for sale, write – “not for sale