9th International Exhibition of Handicrafts and Creativity “Golden Hands of Masters”, April 11‑13, 2014, Kyiv, IEC

Nomination “Materials in combination with beads״

Necklace “Life of night flowers”

Necklace “Fuchsia”

Winners of the 7th International Contest “Fairy Beads-2014”

2nd place – necklace “Winter Tal”, Inna Bihler, Ukhta

1st place – Victoria Cherkasy, Buda

Nomination “Easter patterns of Ukraine”

1st place – collection “Conversations at the Moon”, Elena Deryabkina, Lugansk

2nd place – Iryna Makhnovska, Dnipro

1st place – Artem Cheremisov, Chuguiv

Nomination “Beads”

Necklace-tie “Night Flower"

Necklace “Moon Track"

Necklace “Flowers of the Unknown Planet”

Necklace “Aroma of the evening garden״

Necklace “Black Orchid Mystery”

Necklace “Tenderness of spring”

2nd place – collection “Flower necklaces״, Elena Osokina, Buddha

Necklace “Bud that opened on a frosty morning״

Age group 7-10 years old

2nd place – Daria Golubchenko, Kherson

3rd place – Anastasia Mamonova, Druzhkivka

Age group 15-16 years old

2nd place – Margarita Mogilevskaya, Dnipro

3rd place – Anna Dobysheva, Kyiv

3rd place – necklace “Silent Ukrainian Night״, Kateryna Gezei, Poltava

Audience Vote “National Recognition״

Mask “Butterfly״, Irina Bozhchenko, Lugansk

1st place – necklace collection by Nadezhda Gerber, Neuss, Germany

3rd place – necklace collection, Anastasia Sarantseva, Dublin, Ireland

Necklace “Flowers in the thaws, like ice cubes are silver”

Winners of the All-Ukrainian competition of children’s art “Fairy beads. Beadwork and embroidery״

3rd place – Karina Arzumanyan, Khartsyzsk

2nd place – Eugenia Bakhnovskaya, Kherson

1st place – Taras Trifanov, Kharkiv

Age group 11-14 years old

3rd place – Igor Makhnovsky, Dnipro

2nd place – Julia Bekh, Kyiv

1st place – Anastasia Dyachenko, Buda

Age group 15-16 years old

3rd place – Kira Muntyan, Dnipro

1st place – Iryna Voinkova, Kyiv

Nomination “My Country”

Nomination “Easter patterns of Ukraine”