4th International Exhibition-Fair “Golden Hands of Masters”,
August 26‑28, 2011, Kyiv, IEC

Nomination “Personal jewelry. Beads”

Nomination “Personal jewelry. Wire. Skin. Soutache tape”

Necklace-tie “Natural waves”

Necklace-tie “Scrolls of elements”

1st place – “Keeper of Fire”, Natalia Savelyeva, Vinnytsia

Necklace “Alchemist’s Book”

Winners of the 2nd International contest “Bead Exclusive‑2011. Kyiv

1st place – “Island of Intertwined Years”, Victoria Savchenko, Moscow

2nd place – “Hunting”, Maria Shcherbina, Kharkiv

3rd place – “Secrets of Being”, Anna Duburg, Kyiv

3rd place – “Nest”, Julia Logvinova, Moscow

2nd place – “Passionate Flamenco Fire”, Maryana Mykhailyuk, Volochysk

1st place – “Fiery Flower”,
Alexandra Tokareva, Kyiv

3rd place – “Foggy Cat”, Tatiana Sokornova, St. Petersburg

2nd place – laptop light bulb “Technoflora”, Elena Babiy, Nuremberg, Germany

Nomination “Art objects and souvenirs”

Grand Prix of the contest – collection “4 elements”, Anastasia Sarantseva, Ireland

“Elements of the four nations”