25th International exhibition‑sale «Craft. Business & hobby»,
December 10-12, 2021, Kyiv, IEC

Winner of the contest “My favorite quilt”

9-12 years

“Filanya”, Khrystyna Chaplya, 12 years old, Budy, Kharkiv region

Victoria Bobrova

Author of dress Svitlana Litvynchuk, Volodymyr‑Volynskyi

Dress made in the technique of felting

Winners of the 14th All‑Ukrainian Children’s Contest
“Fairy beads. 4 Elements: Earth, Water, Air and Fire”

9-12 years

“Playing with fire”, Polina Zhebko, 12 years old, Budy, Kharkiv region

9-12 years

“Waterfall”, Victoria Grushka, 10 years old, Shiroke, Dnipropetrovsk region

13-16 years

“Melody of Fire”, Sofia Suprunenko, 16 years old, Kyiv

“Flight”, Arina Levchenko, 12 years old, Kyiv

9-12 years

“Wings of the Wind”, Angelina Laletina, 11 years old, Shiroke, Dnipropetrovsk region

Winner of the “Contest of One Dress. Felting. Sewing. Knitting”

13-16 years

“Inspiration of Odessa”, Elizabeth Chistoeva, 15 years old, Odesa

13-16 years

“Awakening”, Diana Mykhaleva, 14 years old, Odesa

Nomination “Element of the Earth”

Nomination “Element of Water”

Nomination “Element of Air”

Nomination “Element of Fire”