11th International Exhibition of Handicrafts and Creativity “Golden Hands of Masters”, April 3-5, 2015, Kyiv, IEC

Tree “Spring in Tokyo”, Dmytro Sobol

Easter egg “Mother of God”, Oleksandra Pichura

Winners of the 8th International Contest “Fairy Beads-2015”

Collection of Easter eggs “Majestic temples”, Anastasia Vernygor

1st place – collection “Love is like a dream”, Elena Deryabkina, Lugansk

Pendant “My mirror, tell me”, Vladyslava Shevchuk

Gerdan “Festive”, Sofia Zharko

Nomination “Beads. Personal jewelry, accessories, art objects”

Necklace “Dark Night”

Necklace “Thousand Second Night”

Necklace “Road to the Stars”

2nd place – a pair of brooches “Butterfly Flowers”,
Svetlana Fuchs, Germany

3rd place – Necklace “Pink extravaganza”, Vita Nezgodyuk, v. Lozovik, Cherkasy region

1st place – set “Shadow of the Wind”, Alexandra Galinska, Kyiv

Decorative egg “My Country”, Taras Trifanov

2nd place – box “Spring bouquet in a vase”, Alla Zhadanova, Kyiv

Nomination “Leather, soutache tape, fabric, synthetic and natural fibers in combination with beads”

3rd place – Set of brooches “Rose” and “Butterfly”, Inga Marita, Germany

Nomination “Waltz of Spring Flowers”
(Floral compositions, three-dimensional figurines, souvenirs, art objects)

7-10 years

1st place – Anastasia Polyvoda, Kherson

11-14 years

1st place – Lilia Chernetska, Gorodok

15-16 years

1st place – Valeria Seleverstova, Kherson

2nd place – Dmytro Sobol, Chechelnik

3rd place – Yuri Koverza, Chechelnyk

Nomination “Easter patterns”
(Easter eggs from beads, Easter embroidery)

7-10 years

1st place – Anastasia Vernygor, Kherson

2nd place – Oleksandra Pichura, Kherson

3rd place – Michal Kokoszko, Czestochowa, Poland

11-14 years

1st place – Taras Trifanov, Kharkiv

2nd place – Elyzaveta Antonyuk, Kharkiv

3rd place – Yana Tsypkina, Hlukhiv

Nomination “Beads”
(personal jewelry, accessories)

7-10 years

1st place – Sofia Zharko, Kharkiv

2nd place – Vladyslava Shevchuk, Chechelnyk

3rd place – Margarita Lazareva, Hlukhiv

11-14 years

1st place – Artem Shchitka, Glukhiv

2nd place – Maria Sazonova, Hlukhiv

3rd place – Oleksandra Lisnevska, Gorodok

15-16 years

1st place – Anna Kikot, Hlukhiv

2nd place – Vyacheslav Sobol, Chechelnik

3rd place – Denys Semenov, Chechelnyk

Creative Association “Pearl” (Hlukhiv)

3rd place – Decorative egg “Fern Flower”, Yana Tsypkina, Hlukhiv

3rd place – Karina Arzumanyan, Khartsyzsk

Necklace “Golden Rain”, Maria Sazonova

1st place – Taras Trifanov, Kharkiv

Pendant “Pond”, Denys Semenov

Winners of the 2nd All-Ukrainian children’s contest “Fairy beads. Beadwork and embroidery”

Decorative egg “Spring is coming, beauty bears”, Elyzaveta Antonyuk

Hairpin “Color of Hope”, Margarita Lazareva

Composion “From chick to egg”, Taras Trifanov

Set “Camomile field”, Anna Kikot’, 15 years old, Glukhiv

Decorative egg “Goddess‑Keeper”, Tatyana Kyrytsenko, 13 years old, Chechelnyk

Decorative egg “Thumbelina”, Marina Lytvynets, 13 years old, Glukhiv